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Jan 10, 2010 10:30am EST
onlwithout baggage, flying from afri or asia to the united states, of course thashould raise suspicions. but going after womewith head scarves is inefctive. >> aberneth so are you saying that yound other muslim leaders ce down more on the side of individu freedom that you do on curity? >> no, i think we have to ve both. you are going to stigmatiz or isolate a polation, that feeds into radicalizatn. part of the racalization problem is when a commity feels isolated, and whenne person. and we're talking about n the concern over lone wols or lone recruits, if that person feels despere, depressed, then he becom prey fo extremist recruiters, and w should do anything and everything to help accelerat integration muslims into american soety. >> abernethyafter the christmas day near-disaster the air near detroit,nd some othe recent events, too, do y sense a growing backsh against muslimin this country? >>here's a rise of the mob mentality. you read the comments a number of stories, you gethe emails,ou get the phone calls. and i feel, unfortunaly, that the level of hostility ainst islam
Jan 17, 2010 10:00pm EST
israel and the united states. the israeli high court, with the support of orthodox rabbis, has said women are not allowed to wear religious garments at the wall. activists have been protesting the rule for years, but the november arrest has provoked a new wave of demonstrations. in washington, congress returned this week and religious activists are among those lobbying for quick action on healthcare reform. several faith leaders joined several faith leaders joined legislators on capitol hill to demand protections for middle and low-income americans. affordability, they said, is the key to true reform. as public outrage continues over wall street's plans to pay multi-million dollar bonuses to its top executives and traders, president obama called such bonuses "obscene" and proposed a new tax on the country's largest banks. meanwhile, the heads of the four largest investment banks were the first witnesses before a bipartisan commission investigating the causes of last year's financial crisis. >> abernethy: a new book out this week called "rediscovering values" urges moral as well as e
Jan 3, 2010 8:30am EST
in africa than there are episcopalians in the united states. >> there's twice as many anglicans in sudan as there are in the united states-- just one big country in africa. i don't think we're anywhere near catching up with what this means, not only on social issues but on doctrine, worship life, and all the rest. what's it going to mean, not very long from now, that christianity is essentially an african religion and not a western one, not a north american or european one? >> you're seeing that, to some degree, in the debate about global warming. i do think the environment is another area where we're going to see continuing activism and debate within the churches. the presence of a very strong group of third world christians in all of the denominations is going to put the focus not simply on the issue of reducing carbon in the atmosphere, but also on what kind of compensation third world countries will get, which became a very critical issue in the discussions in copenhagen. >> abernethy: let me move to another point, kim especially. there is an investigation going on, or a review
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)